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Reassignment of Philadelphia HOC Employees

HUD notified Council 222 that four Philadelphia HOC employees located in DC, Columbus, Baltimore and Hartford will be reassigned to new supervisors and that two of these employees will be assigned to new position descriptions. In response the Council filed this demand to bargain to preserve the employees' rights.
- - Union Demand To Bargain (11/19/2013)

Innovative Time Program

HUD proposes to allow employees to spend up to four hours per week in teams working on projects that offer potential benefits to HUD. The Innovative Time Program, Switchboard, and other idea management programs, like the more blatant Employee Advisory Board, provide HUD with a way of circumventing the Union and avoiding its obligations under our collective bargaining agreement.
- - Union Demand To Bargain (09/19/2013)
- - Article 5 (09/13/2013)

Agency Wide Employee Advisory Board

HUD has proposed the creation of an Employee Advisory Board composed of bargaining unit employees. The proposed EAB violates AFGE Council 222´s exclusive right to represent the bargaining unit. While the proposal superficially seems to provide a means to enhance workplace morale, it actually is a means of negating all rights that the employees have under our contract and statute.
- - EAB Dangers
- - Union Demand To Bargain(08/28/2013)
- - Article 5 (08/23/2013)
- - Charter (came with Article 5)

ODOC/FPM Reorganization

Reorganization that will merge the functions of the Office of Departmental Operations and Coordination (ODOC) to Office of Field Policy and Management (FPM). This reorganization will transfer from ODOC to FPM the responsibility for the duties currently being performed by the Office of Labor Relations (OLR).
- - Supplement 132 (10/22/2013)
- - Article 5 (06/27/2013)
- - Organization Charts
- - BU Status
- - From To List
- - Management Analyst GS-13 Position Description
- - Management Analyst GS-14 Position Description

Small Office Closings (11 are AFGE offices)

April 24 - HUD management holds webcast informing employees that 16 offices will be closing. 11 of the 16 offices are covered by AFGE, with about 70 employees affected. An Article 5 was sent to Council 222 via email, 2 days after the webcast. Council 222 had no predecisional involvement as the plan was developed (Jerry Brown stated it had been in the works for about a year) without Union input.

Chief Negotiator - Deborah Slakes. Negotiation to begin week of July 1. Negotation continues into week 2, July 8.
- - Memorandum of Understanding (07/11/2013)
- - Union Request for Information (06/05/2013)
- - Demand To Bargain (05/02/13)
- - Article 5 (04/25/13)

HUD Ideas in Action and Switchboard

- - Demand To Bargain (04/23/13)

Human Resource Initiative

Impact and implementation of the planned deployment of several new systems that will replace and/or supplement current Human resources (HR) Systems
- - Supplement 126 (not yet signed)
- - Performance Appraisal Supplement 125 (06/06/2013)
- - Demand To Bargain (04/16/13)
- - Article 5 (04/08/13)

Sequestration Furlough

Council 222 bargained the furlough and the MOU was signed March 15. Compressed schedules as well as telework is generally protected. Council 222 also got the first day to be moved back from May 10 to May 24. While there are at most seven furlough days, we expect that there will be less. The days are all fixed, Council 222 attempted to get flexibility but failed. We appreciate the efforts of the Sequester team members for their hard work: Eddie Eitches, Salvatore Viola, James P. Flynn, Asha N. Littlejohn and Jerry Gross, they should all be congratulated!
Sequestration Furlough Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)
HUD At Work Sequestion Page

HR Pilot in Office of Housing

Council 222 became aware of a pilot program to contract out human resources services to Dept of the Treasury via an email sent to all Housing employees. The Agency has failed to comply with Article 5, Sec 5.02 of the Contract
- - Union Demand to Bargain (01/10/13)

MF Pilot
- - Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) (01/10/2013)

Workload Sharing Pilot Program to be conducted in two major areas of the country: (1) Minneapolis, Chicago, Detroit, Fort Worth and Kansas City. Goal is to establish a balanced workload between the Hubs and Program Centers.

Office of General Counsel Realignment/Reorganization

An Unfair Labor Practice was filed March 1, see it on the ULP page
Key to OGC Attny Position Description
GS-15 Dep Reg Counsel PD
GS-15 Sup Attny Adv PD | GS-15 Supervisory Attny Adv PD
GS-15 Supervisory Trial Attny
GS-14 Sup Attny Adv PD | GS-14 Sup Attny Adv PD
GS-14 Attny Adv PD | GS-14 Supervisory Trial Attny
GS-12 Attny Adv PD
GS-15 Attny Adv (Incumbency)
GS-15 Trial Attny (Incumbency)PD | GS-14 Trial Attny PD
GS-13 Trial Attny PD | GS-12 Trial Attny PD
GS-11 Law Clerk PD
GS-12 Paralegal Specialist | GS-12 Paralegal Spec
GS-11 Paralegal Spec | GS-9 Paralegal Spec
GS-13 Program Analyst | GS-12 Program Analyst
GS-8 Legal Assistant | GS-5 Legal Assistant
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Region 10 Current
Headquarters Before and After Chart
- - Union Demand To Bargain (08/10/2012)
- - Article 5 (08/06/2012)
- - OGC Reorg Mgmt Memo, Karen Cole to Linda Cruciani (04/16/2012)