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Implementation of Standing Desk Pilot Program (SDPP)

- - - Supplement 142 (11/20/2014)


Council 222 submitted a demand to bargain to the Department over health and safety measures related to the Ebola virus. HUD replied to the Union's demand by refusing to negotiate, improperly claiming that the matter was covered by Article 26, Safety and Health, Supplement 99, Pandemic Planning (which relates to influenza), and the Department´s own Pandemic Planning and Response Guidance. The Union replied with a strongly worded memo that shows that the "covered by" defense does not apply and urging the Department to negotiate.

- - Union Files Unfair Labor Practice (ULP) (10/29/2014)
- - Email from Mgmt to Union and Union reply (10/24/2014)
- - Memo that accompanied Union Reply to Mgmt (10/23/2014)
- - Union Demand To Bargain (10/16/2014)

Interagency Agreement Assignments and Intergovernmental Personal Act Assignments

Sept 30, 2014, Management provided a copy of the Handbook 750.1 (Details, Interagency Agreement Assignments and Intergovernmental Personnel Act Assignments Policy) to the Union.
- - Supplement 7 (04/26/2016)
- - Union Demand To Bargain (10/08/2014)
- - Handbook 750.1
- - Article 5 (via email) (09/30/2014)

Toll Free Survey

HUD will conduct a customer service satisfaction review of OFMS - Space and Assets Management Division in relation to their toll-free numbers. Disguised as a routine survey, HUD states the survey is "anonymous" but only the public (the respondents) remain anonymous; employees may be identified by the respondents. The survey is a new condition of employment or working conditions. HUD plans to expand the current proposed survey next spring to include all HQ Program Offices and Field Offices that have toll-free numbers that service the general public and anyone doing business with HUD. Contrary to what HUD´s e-mail notice suggested, the proposed surveys do not evaluate the effectiveness of the toll-free numbers but rather serve as a tool for evaluating the personnel who are assigned to answer those numbers.
- - Union Demand To Bargain (08/18/2014)
- - Mgmt Notice (not identified as Article 5) (08/15/2014)

System Upgrades

Council 222 submitted Demand to Bargains on the Microsoft Upgrade and the Microsoft SharePoint upgrade (see the items below). Management subsequently indicated a reluctance to negotiate the impact and implementation of system upgrades that it considers routine and having minimal impact on the bargaining unit. Council 222 has submitted a Demand to Bargain that would apply to all future, routine system upgrades that do not involve a change in procedures for employees who use the system.
- - Union Demand To Bargain (08/18/2014)

Nepotism Policy

August 17 - Article 5 received via email. Handbook 730.1 provides guidance to public officials concerning the employment and other personnel-related activity of relatives. The agreement minimizes the adverse impact on bargaining unit employees to ensure they are not treated unfairly when resolving a nepotism situation. Thanks to Ricardo Miranda and Sal Viola for their extensive help in preparing the negotiating this agreement.

- - Supplement 129 (10/03/14)
- - Union Demand to Bargain (08/20/2012)
- - Final Draft (received with Article 5 email)
- - Table of Contents (received with Article 5 email)
- - Cover (sent with Article 5)
- - Article 5 (via email, August 17, 2012)

Sharepoint Upgrade

From Mgmt: the Office of the Chief Information Officer (OCIO) will be performing an upgrade of the SharePoint 2010 application to the Service Pack 2 (SP2) release level. This is an update that Microsoft makes available annually to its products. The SharePoint 2010 SP2 package includes minor to moderate fixes to SharePoint functions and features. This upgrade is targeted at the server level only but, the server will be unavailable during the upgrade timeframe, which will occur over a weekend. The implementation of this upgrade is planned for August 2014. This upgrade will have no direct user impact. Notification to all affected HUD customers will be distributed 2-weeks prior to the upgrade with a 2-day advance reminder notice distributed. Because SP2 includes application fixes, no specific User Guides will be provided.
- - Refer to the Demand to Bargain for System Upgrades
- - Union Demand To Bargain (07/15/2014)
- - Article 5 (07/15/2014)

Microsoft Upgrade

From Mgmt: Office of the Chief Information Officer (OCIO) will be performing an upgrade to the Microsoft Office 2010 application suite Service Pack 2 (SP2) release. This is an update that Microsoft makes available annually to its products. This upgrade will be performed on all HUD-issued computers. The SP2 upgrade package includes minor to moderate fixes discovered in the initial release of the Office 2010 application suite (Outlook, Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, OneNote and SharePoint Workspaces).
- - Refer to the Demand To Bargain under System Upgrades
- - Union Demand To Bargain (07/15/2014)
- - Article 5 (07/09/2014)

Lateral Movement and Rotational Assignment Program Supplements Signed

Council 222 has concluded two agreements with HUD that have been in the works for many years!
One is Lateral Movement, Article 60, as Supplement 139. This was an article with some favorable provisions for employees who want to participate in different lateral programs through rotations, details and permanent reassignments. Some key benefits:
1. Lateral movements recognized as valid way of resolving workplace disputes;
2. Supervisors may neither veto a permanent reassignment nor delay a reassignment for more than 30 days;
3. No limitations other than employee's qualifications on reassignment to other offices. IE mgmt can´t say that J. Doe is prohibited from moving from one program area to another if Doe is otherwise qualified.
4. Employees who lateral to new position (permanently or temporarily) have same telework/AWS rights as other employees in their new office
ALL of these points address issues we have faced with supervisors over the years.

Supplement 137, Rotational Assignment Program, implements permanently the program that HUD has had as a pilot for a couple of years. This supplement provides more details than the supplement we signed for the pilot program. Some of the key aspects are:
1. Supervisors who refuse to permit employees to apply for or accept a rotational assignment must justify their position in writing, and in detail.
2. Employees who are under a pending or actual disciplinary action may still participate in the program as long as they fully inform the host supervisors of their situation;
3. Even though the Dept wants to consider the RAP as a training program, and they use a training form to document participations, participating employees will be allowed to telework/AWS on the same terms as the permanent employees. This is more liberal than the Dept Telework Handbook, which states that employees on training may not telework more than one day per week. The Dept will provide quarterly reports to the Council regarding Lateral Movement programs, and will provide data about the RAP on request.

Emergency Notification System

- - Union Demand To Bargain (06/26/2014)
- - Article 5 (06/25/2014)

Concur Travel System

From mgmt: HUD must comply with the Federal mandate to transition to the Federal Shared Services environment as it relates to its travel system. In order to satisfy this requirement, the Agency will implement Concur (CGE) Travel and Relocation Systems in Fiscal Year 2015. Concur is the Government’s ETS2 provider and now all Federal agencies are being required to use this system. Concur a cloud-based service, is currently being used by more than 90 Federal agencies for travel booking and expense management.
- - Supplement 138 (07/15/2014)
- - Interim Agreement (07/15/2014)
- - Union Demand to Bargain (06/20/2014 | Union Key Demands
- - FedTraveler to CGE Differences
- - Quick Start Manual
- - Training Overview
- - Concur Scenarios
- - Article 5 (06/12/2014)

Quality Step Increases

- - Email from mgmt the proposed change was rescinded (06/12/2014)
- - Union Demand To Bargain (05/30/2014)
- - Article 5 (05/20/2014) and QSI Chart

Rotational Assignment Program-Handbook 655.1

- - Union Demand To Bargain (05/12/2014)
- - Handbook 655.1
- - Article 5 (05/02/2014) (via email)

Reorganization of Office of Multifamily Housing

MF Housing Transformation Job Exchange Program Info Posted on HUD@Work - May 16 - We were just made aware of MF Job Exchange Information posted on HUD@work. It appears to have been posted today, May 16, and we believe it closes on May 23. Here is a pdf of the HUD@work page, and here is the link to get to the page, remember you must be in the HUD environment to review anything in HUD@work. Please share with other MF employees, time is of the essence. As mentioned above, we were just made aware of this information today.

Headquarters and field level restructuring which also includes changes to the operating model. MFH anticipates implementation to commence beginning in calendar year 2013 concluding with full implementation by end of calendar year 2016.
Negotiation begins week of July 15. Council 222 negotiation team: Chief Negotiator Perry Casper, with Sal Viola, Will Biggs, Deborah Slakes, Holly Salamido, Marinella Murillo and the backup team that is working with the main team: Kari LaLonde, Heather Johns, Jerry Grosz, Gary Mongelli, Ricardo Miranda, Carolyn Federoff.

MF Reorganization has it´s own webpage, go to page
- - Council 222 files Grievance of the Parties on mis-application of Supplement 135 (view it on the Grievances page).
- - Supplement 135 (05/15/2014)
- - Amendment to 135 (07/16/2014)
- - Appendix 1 to Supplement (05/01/2014)
Appendix 2 to Supplement (05/15/2014)
Appendix 3 to Supplement (07/10/2014)
Appendix 5 to Supplement (07/10/2014)
- - Union Referral to Arbitration for HUD Mgmt Refusal to Engage in Local Bargaining (03/04/2014)
- - Supplement (signed supplement to follow, this is approved version by MF team until signed one completed)
- - Union Petition for Review (11/04/2013)
- - Declaration Request (9/13/2013)
- - Mgmt MFRT Response AFGE Negotiability Sept 5 Rev 3 (09/05/2013)
- - Supplement (NOTE: Negotiations have not been completed)
- - Demand to Bargain (05/03/2013)
- - Article 5 (04/26/2013)
- - Affected AFGE Employees
- - 2 new positions and descriptions
- - Organization Chart (current)
- - MF Front Office (current)
- - Program Systems Mgmt Chart (current)
- - Proposed Organizational Chart 1
- - Proposed Organizational Chart 2
- - Mission and Proposed Implementation

Citrix Upgrade for HUDMobile

HUD plans on a Citrix upgrade from 4.5 to 6.5. This upgrade will only be targeted to affect approximately 500+ customers in various HUD locations that are currently using HUDMobile 1 remote access and not HUD WorkPlace VPN Portal, while teleworking.
- - Supplement 133 (03/26/2014)
- - Union Demand To Bargain (03/19/2014)
- - Step By Step Instructions for Windows and for Mac
- - Article 5 (03/19/2014)

Desktop Technology Change/Data Security Encryption

HUD plans on upgrading the security encryption tool on removable media devices as required by OMB M-06-16
( HUD will also replace the self service password tool on HUD computers (Quest Password Manager) with Quest Self Service Password Reset in order to comply with Federal mandate included in OMB M-11-11
- - Union Demand To Bargain (03/05/2014)
- - Article 5 (02/27/2014)
- - Article 3 (02/20/2014)

Affinity Groups

Demand to Bargain over HUD´s interaction with various non-AFGE employee affinity groups organized by HUD employees
- - Supplement 6 (04/05/2016)
- - FLRA Settlement Agreement (11/16/2015) and NOTICE to the Charged Party (must be posted by mgmt for 60 days)
- - FLRA Issues Complaint Against Agency After Mgmt Refuses to Negotiate E:alert (10/21/2015)
- - FLRA Complaint Against Agency (Case No. WA-CA-15-0272)(10/20/2015)
- - Union Demand To Bargain (02/24/2014)