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FY 12 Career Ladder Promotion Delay

10/28/11 Grievance of the Parties

Fair & Equitable Grievance II

09/14/11 F & E II GOP Amend and Arb notice
07/28/11 Grievance of the Parties
07/27/11 Sample of recent vacancy announcements we believe violate McKissick's decision (accompanied 07/28/11 letter)

Failure to Obtain Approval of the Agency Performance System

01/22/10 Grievance of the Parties

Awards Grievance

12/01/11 Notice (to be posted pursuant to a settlement agreement)
11/18/11 Settlement Agreement
09/30/11 FLRA Complaint regarding HUD failure to implement FLRA decision
11/03/09 FLRA Decision upholding arbitrator decision and award
12/21/06 Union's Opposition To Mgmt Exception
11/16/06 Mgmt Exception to FLRA Decision
10/18/06 Decision and Award
08/28/06 Union Brief | Mgmt Brief
Stipulation of facts in lieu of hearing (briefs due 08/29/06)
07/18/05 Grievance of the Parties
07/18/05 Request For Info

FLSA Overtime

This grievance has it's own page >>>

Grade Parity Fair and Equitable Grievance

03/23/12 Union Opposition to Mgmt Appeal
02/16/12 Mgmt Appeal to FLRA
01/13/12 McKissick Order
09/15/11 Union´s Submission on Remand setting forth proposed remedies
07/28/11 Letter to arbitrator McKissick seeking assistance on remand and setting forth a proposed process
01/26/11 FLRA decision remanding McKissick's remedy in Grade Parity (Fair and Equitable) grievance of parties (accompanied 07/28/11 letter to McKissick)
12/10/09 Union Reply to Agency's Response to FLRA Order to Show Cause
12/04/09 Agency Response to FLRA Order to Show Cause
11/20/09 FLRA Order to Show Cause (for HUD's late appeal)
11/09/09 Union Request to FLRA to Issue Order to Show Cause
10/30/09 Mgmt Appeal to FLRA of Arbitrator Decision on the Merits
09/29/09 Arbitrator Decision on the Merits
12/01/08 Union Closing Arbitration Brief
01/14/08 Union & Agency Request to Arbitrator to Schedule Hearing
08/06/07 FLRA Order Dismissing Agency Exceptions
05/03/07 Agency Response to FLRA Show Cause Order
04/23/07 FLRA Order to Agency to Show Cause
04/02/07 Union Opposition to 2nd Appeal to FLRA
Agencies 2nd Appeal to FLRA
01/24/07 Decision of Arbitrator on Remand from FLRA - Grievance found to be arbitrable
09/01/06 Union's Clsg Brief | Mgmt Brief
06/23/06 Hearing Held (Briefs due 09/01/06)
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02/11/04 FLRA Decision to Remand to Arbitrator
09/12/03 Union Opposition to Agency Appeal
07/28/03 Agency Appeal to FLRA
06/23/03 Arbitrator's Decision
04/28/03 Union's brief on issue of arbitrability (not dated)
01/30/03 Prelimary Notice of Arbitration
01/17/03 Mgmt Denial
11/30/02 Grievance of Parties/Req for Information

Internal posting For Promotions

11/21/06 Union Request for Information
Mediation held 06/06, mgmt disputed final tally
11/19/03 Union Final Review Tally
11/13/02 Grievance of the Parties/Req for
Info in connection with Violation of Supplement 35