This page contains contract Memorandum of Understandings (MOU)/Supplements for our current contract (completed end of 2015). Click on the number to open up or save the file. Go to the Library to view older contracts and the Bargaining Page for supplements and MOUs for the contract previous to our current contract.


Quality Improvement
Career Resource Center
Reassignment of Regional Relocation Specialists in the Field Offices to Headquarters
HUD Tobacco and Smoke Free Environment
Implementation of New Loan Rev System in Office of SF Housing
Place-Based Operational Model
Electronic Filing of EEO Complaints
HUD Standard Operating Protocols
Skype For Business
Implementation of Handbook 750.1 (Details, IA and IPA)
Affinity Groups
Implementation of Phased Retirement Pilot Program
Multifamily Asset Management Project System (AMPS)
WEBTA Validation
Office of the Chief Human Capital Officer Buyout
Multifamily Workload Sharing/Intraregional Distribution of Work


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NOTE: AFGE and HUD agreed that the following national supplements to the 1998 collective bargaining agreement will be retained as supplements to the 2015 collective bargaining agreement:
 84     Homeland Security Presidential Directive 12
100     New Federal ID Credential
113     GSA Smoking Policy (listed as an MOU in the new contract)
116     The Transfer of the PIV Function to GSA
122     Establishment of the Office of Housing Counseling (OHC)
126     Human resources End-To-End (HR E2E) Initiative
132     Reorganization of the Office of Departmental Operations and Coordination (ODOC), transfer of the Office of Labor Relations (OLR) and non-OLR Headquarters Staff to the Office of Field Policy and Management (FPM), and abolishment of ODOC
133     HUDMobile - CITRIX Upgrade
134     Career Transitions Program Policy (CTAP)
135     Multifamily Reorganization/Transformation
137     Implementation of the Rotational Assignment Program
138     Implementation of Concur Travel and Relocations System
140     Implementation of Department of Treasury´s Bureau of Fiscal Service/Administrative Resource Center (BFS/ARC) webTA system
141     The establishment of a national pathways Program for the Department of Housing and Urban Development
142     Implementation of Standing Desk Pilot Program (SDPP)
143     The Office of Administration Reorganization
145     HUD´s Transition to Office 365
146     Implementation of new National HUD Workplace and Domestic Violence Prevention and Response Policy Handbook of 2015
149     Office of Public and Indian Housing (PIH) nationwide Employee Enrichment Pilot Program (EEPP)
150     Implementation of Personal Identification Verification (PIV)