Affiliated with the American Federation of Government Employees (AFGE), we are comprised of 40 HUD Locals throughout the U.S. Members elect delegates and the Council Executive Board meets monthly to set our direction/priorities.


After years of wage freezes followed by this year’s 1 percent pay raise—and with a White House proposal for only an equal boost next year—federal unions continue to press for a greater bump in pay.

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OPM has issued final regulations on phased retirement. The new program will allow eligible full-time employees to work part-time while drawing a portion of their retirement benefits. Regs will take effect 90 days from their official publication on 08/08. Agencies can begin to send phased retirement apps as early as 11/06

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Bill Would Repeal Contribution Hike

Federal Employee Pension Fairness Act would repeal measures that raised recently hired feds contributions to pensions from 0.8% of basic pay to 4.4%.

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House OK's 1 Percent for Feds

The $21.3 billion bill is silent on fed pay raises, clearing the way for Pres to institute his proposed 1%.

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HUD Hiring Blitz Attracts Vets, Minorities

Thousands of veterans and minorities are applying for jobs, according to officials.

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2014 Buyout Guide

Federal News Radio will provide a guide to track agencies offering early retirement incentives/buyout offers.

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Why YOU should care!

Council 222 EVP Carolyn Federoff explains why HUD field employees, HUD MF employees and why ALL HUD employees should care about the SOC & MF Reorganization

No one escapes unscathed!
Everyone should care about the proposed changes.

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31% Feds Eligible To Retire

As of September 2012, nearly 14% of feds were eligible to retire, GAO finds 31% eligible by 2017.

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Senate/House Lookup PLUS

Find your Senator
Find your Congressional Representative
Library of Congress website allows you to search for bills and see what is going on in Senate and Congress, and more!

DO NOT contact congress on duty time or use agency equipment!

07/26/2013 Interest
Higher Raise Possible

3.3% still possible?

Phased Retirement Regs Issued

Apps in as early as 11/06

Contribution Hike

New hires contribute more to pensions


Clears way for Obama to institute 1%


Officials say vets/minorities applying


List of agencies


about SOC and MF Reorg


GAO finds 31% feds eligible by 2017


Find your reps!

AFGE Council 222 Fair and Equitable Case Against HUD

Council 222 would like to provide you, our bargaining unit employees, with an update on the Fair and Equitable Grievance. Many of you have already been contacted by attorneys from Snider & Associates, LLC, the firm representing Council 222 in this matter. If you have not yet been contacted, you should expect to be contacted within the next few months. Please continue to cooperate with the attorney that reaches out to you. The information and data that the firm is collecting is very important to the case.

The Union and Agency continue to have implementation meetings, many of which are overseen by Arbitrator McKissick. The purpose of these meetings is to review the data on damages and continue with the implementation of Arbitrator McKissick’s Award. The class is comprised of thousands of employees, so working through implementation is a time consuming task. However, progress has been made, and continues to be made.

While we continue to work through implementation, the Parties have also begun to discuss a possible settlement in this matter. There is no timetable for settlement at this time, however, we are hopeful that in the coming months, we will have additional information to share.

As always, if you have any questions we urge you to contact the Snider & Associates’ team by emailing them at or visiting their website at

Council 222 Holds Convention In Rhode Island

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Elected Officers:
President - Holly Salamido (HQ)
Executive Vice President: Sal Viola (New Jersey)
Treasurer: Lee Allen (Jacksonville)
Secretary - Kathy Ritzler (Des Moines)

The current AFGE National Council of HUD Locals 222 Constitution states the Council shall meet triennially (every 3 years). The 2014 Convention was held the first week of August at the Omni Hotel in Providence, Rhode Island with HUD AFGE Local 3258 in Providence, hosting.

During a convention, nominations, elections and installation of officers (President, Executive Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer) are held. Many of the HUD regions also use convention time to elect their regional Vice Presidents. In addition to voting and swearing in new officers, Delegates receive training on various topics relating to union negotiating, interest based bargaining and more. Click the Omni photo to view the slideshow. You will also see a few photos of a clambake held after duty hours.

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Local 3258 Volunteer Day in Conjunction With Convention

Host Local 3258 in Providence, planned a volunteer day in conjunction with the Council 222 Convention. Convention delegates (along with friends and family) picked vegetables at a local farm which produces fresh vegetables for local food pantries. View the slideshow and see how many pounds of vegetables were picked!

Contractors Cost More Money!

August 13, - The Transportation Department will be federalizing some of its IT contractor workforce in order to save money and invest in new programs, according to its chief information officer Richard McKinney. He said at the 2014 Federal Forum in Washington Aug. 13 that there are about 50 federal employees and 250 contractors running its shared services and common operating environment platforms, and that contractors cost significantly more money. go to article

Senate Appropriations Committee Report Directs HUD NOT To Consolidate MF Asset Mgmt

Senate Appropriations Committee report directs HUD not to consolidate Multifamily Housing Asset Management in FY 2015. The FY’15 HUD budget and Senate Appropriations Committee report will be considered by the full Senate. It is expected to pass. The House Appropriations Committee report did not include this language, and the bills will eventually have to be reconciled. There are many AFGE Locals and Officers who have been working on this issue. This has been a great example of team effort, and why it remains invaluable to have active Locals in as many jurisdictions as possible. It’s also an example of why good connections with our customers matter, as we know that the asset mgmt community came out strongly for our field offices. We will continue to work until the HUD FY’15 budget is finally approved. But we’ve pushed the boulder a good deal further up a very steep hill.

Some Federal Contacts

Office of Personnel Management (OPM) PH-202-555-1212 | email:
Legislative Information
Merit Systems Protection Board:
Federal Labor Relations Authority:
Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC):
Federal Employee Education and Assistance Fund (FEEA):

New Employees PowerPoint Presentation and Information

As a Council, we primarily bargain (at the national level) issues that impact your working conditions. Past negotiations have resulted in flextime, credit hours, telework, and other workplace benefits. We also work with HUD constituents to advocate for HUD programs, and fight wasteful contracting out of federal work. Please keep in mind that we are a volunteer organization; we elect our leadership from our membership. So it's very important that the best employees become union members and activists. As a bargaining unit employee, you are eligible for membership. If you have not already done so, we encourage you to talk with your Local President. Locals are the key to enforcing the benefits we negotiate at a national level. Without strong and active Locals, the contract is just paper. Also, we encourage you to explore our website. Our new employee power point presentation can answer many of your questions about what the union does at HUD. And our bargaining page incudes information on the latest bargaining issues. Again, welcome to HUD. We care deeply about HUD and its mission. We believe that respect in the workplace results in productive and creative employees. We hope you do, too. Download our Welcome To HUD powerpoint presentation and contact your Local President (listed on our About Us page) if you have any questions! To join, fill out an SF-1187 and hand it to your Local President!

Know Your Government

Which of the following activities does the House Rules Committee control?
a) Scheduling what bills to debate and when they are debated
b) Selecting who will speak during floor debate
c) Appointing members for standing committees
d) Selecting the Speaker of the House

ANSWER: a) The House Rules Committee decides what bills to debate and when to debate them. This power is important because it gives the House Rules Committee the power to choose to schedule debate on a bill when the bill is likely to pass (or when the bill is likely not to pass, if the House Rules Committee chooses). Because the Speaker of the House appoints members to the House Rules Committee, the Committee is inclined to act in accordance with the Speaker’s wishes. The House Rules Committee does not make appointments to standing committees. Nor does the House Rules Committee select the Speaker of the House (the Speaker is elected by the House of Representatives) or select who will speak during floor debate (a power that falls to the Speaker of the House).

The Department of Labor June 2, 2006 Final Rule requires labor organizations subject to the Civil Service Reform Act of 1978, the Foreign Service Act of 1980 and the Congressional Accountability Act of 1995 to periodically inform their members of their rights as union members. The Final Rule will help ensure that federal union members are given basic understanding of: 1) rights as union members; 2) responsibilities of union officers.

Civil Service Reform Act of 1978 (CSRA) - The standards of conduct provisions in this Act, among other statutes, guarantee certain rights to members of unions representing Federal employees and impose certain responsibilities on officers of these unions.
read about the CSRA > | DOL 06/02/06 Federal Register Final Rule | DOL Fact Sheet | Council 222 Constitution/ByLaws | Foreign Service Act of 1980 | Congressional Accountability Act of 1995