Affiliated with the American Federation of Government Employees (AFGE), we are comprised of 40 HUD Locals throughout the U.S. Members elect delegates and the Council Executive Board meets monthly to set our direction/priorities.

Promote Accountability and Government Efficiency Act

The bill changes the fed pay system, prohibits pay raises, makes all feds "at will", allows immediate suspension, eliminates official time so union reps can no longer work to protect your pay/benefits/job during the work day.

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Federal employees can expect attempts to cut their pay, benefits an rights, as the unified Republican govt looks to finally deliver on many failed efforts from previous years.

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House Republicans reinstated an arcane procedural rule that enables lawmakers to reach deep into the budget and slash the pay of an individual federal worker - down to a $1 - a move that threatens to upend the 130-year-old civil service.

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President Obama issued an executive order formally implementing his rpopsal for a 2.1% civilian pay raise in 2017.

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The president-elect has vowed to freeze hiring, eliminate wasteful programs, and overhaul certain agencies.

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NARFE was founded in 1921, the year after Congress created the Civil Service Retirement System. Current membership is about 222,000 and represents the interests of around 5 million federal employees, retirees, their spouses and survivors.

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Why YOU should care!

Council 222 EVP Carolyn Federoff explains why HUD field employees, HUD MF employees and why ALL HUD employees should care about the SOC & MF Reorganization

No one escapes unscathed!
Everyone should care about the proposed changes.

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Senate/House Lookup PLUS

Find your Senator
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Library of Congress website allows you to search for bills and see what is going on in Senate and Congress, and more!

DO NOT contact congress on duty time or use agency equipment!

07/26/2013 Interest

This affects YOU


Cuts To Our Pay/Benefits/Rights


Cut fed salaries to $1?


2.1% Pay Raise


For Feds and Agencies


Current membership about 222,000


about SOC and MF Reorg


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Legislation That Affects You!

H.R. 5202 - Preserving HUD's Multifamily Field Offices Act of 2016
Introducted in House 05/11/2016
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... This bill prohibits the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) from relocating to any core office of the Office of Multifamily Housing any asset management position (including any account executive, senior account executive, and troubled asset specialist position) that, as of this bill´s enactment, is located at a non-core office of that Office. "Core office" is defined as a regional hub office located in Atlanta, Chicago, Fort Worth, New York City, or San Francisco. Upon the occurrence of a vacancy in any asset management position at any non-core office (including any vacancy in existence as of the date of enactment), HUD may newly hire an employee to fill that position only at the same non-core office.
Check out the Legislative Page on our website!

Council 222 Reps Attend Nat'l AFGE Legislative Conference and Meet With Senators/Congressmembers

L-R: Ken Brucks, Peggy Johannsen,
Larry Hirsch at Capitol rally.

L-R: Holly Salamido, Ashaki Robinson-
Johns, Ken, Larry

02/2016 - AFGE Union representatives from the across the country attended the National AFGE Legislative Conference held in DC this month. Peggy Johannsen (Miami), Ken Brucks (Chicago), Larry Hirsch (New York), Holly Salamido (DC) and Ashaki Robinson-Johns (DC) joined other HUD AFGE colleagues to meet with offices of a number of influential Senators and Congressmembers on issues important to both HUD and all Federal employees. Among the issues discussed were the Multifamily Transformation, the Fair and Equitable Case and the Transit Subsidy.

In the first photo Ken, Peggy and Larry are participating in the AFGE Rally outside the Capitol. The second photo was taken in the Hart Senate Office Building after Holly, Ashaki, Ken and Larry attended a meeting with Senator Menendez's office.

FLRA Issues Complaint Against the Agency

Oct 21 - As many of you are aware, management has repeatedly refused to negotiate with HUD AFGE, as required by both Federal statute and the newly executed collective bargaining agreement. The Federal Labor Relations Authority has now issued a complaint against the agency, charging that HUD has violated the Federal Service Labor-Management Relations Statute by refusing to bargain with the Union on procedures for meeting with Affinity Groups. We requested that the Federal Labor Relations Authority look into this matter because management is refusing to bargain with a Union that represents the entire HUD AFGE bargaining unit. Management would rather meet with small groups and give a few people opportunities and a voice, rather than give everyone opportunities. This is the third time in the last year that charges have been issued against HUD. Several more requests for charges are pending before the FLRA, including charges related to management's refusal to bargain on three OPM cybersecurity breach and potential furloughs.

New Main Contract Signed

July 31 - After four years of negotiations, the Council has signed a new term contract. A working copy is available here in pdf. Note that the agreement is still being put in final form; the Articles were rearranged and renumbered so the references to other articles within the text are being updated. We also are updating the list of Supplements at the end that survive, as new Supplements were executed after negotiations were completed. We expect these edits to be completed shortly. Management is then responsible for providing bound copies.

The new Main Contract reflects the work of many talented union negotiators. It contains new provisions allowing employees to both telework and maxiflex (see Article 16) as well as a shortened two step grievance process (Article 51). We are going to begin some training sessions for Union stewards on the new contract within the next two weeks. Stay tuned for updates.

Cybersecurity E:Alert Sent To Employees

You are all no doubt aware of the massive cybersecurity breach at the Office of Personnel Management, resulting in the release of personal information on millions of Federal employees. On June 4, 2015, Deputy Secretary Coloretti sent a cryptic email to HUD employees stating that she had "been informed by OPM that the Department of Housing and Urban Development employee data has potentially been compromised in this incident." The email contained the standard Federal Trade Commission advice on preventing identity theft.

Council 222 immediately filed a Demand to Bargain on June 5, 2015, asking that HUD take specific measures to protect its employees. The Council filed a supplemental Demand to Bargain on July 16, 2015, asking, among other things, that the agency provide a letter to all affected employees detailing the specific information that had been released. This is particularly important, given the reports we are hearing that the personal information of minor children and the medical information of employees has been compromised. The Demand to Bargain and follow-up proposals can be found on the Council website.

Since June 5, 2015, we have been given the "run-around" by management, first being told by Employee and Labor Relations that OPM had "directed" them not to negotiate with AFGE, later admitting that no such directive exists. The Council has filed an Unfair Labor Practice charge based on management's refusal to bargain; a full text is available HERE. We are awaiting the conclusion of the investigation, and will keep you informed as it progresses.

New Employees PowerPoint Presentation and Information

As a Council, we primarily bargain (at the national level) issues that impact your working conditions. Past negotiations have resulted in flextime, credit hours, telework, and other workplace benefits. We also work with HUD constituents to advocate for HUD programs, and fight wasteful contracting out of federal work. Please keep in mind that we are a volunteer organization; we elect our leadership from our membership. So it's very important that the best employees become union members and activists. As a bargaining unit employee, you are eligible for membership. If you have not already done so, we encourage you to talk with your Local President. Locals are the key to enforcing the benefits we negotiate at a national level. Without strong and active Locals, the contract is just paper. Also, we encourage you to explore our website. Our new employee power point presentation can answer many of your questions about what the union does at HUD. And our bargaining page incudes information on the latest bargaining issues. Again, welcome to HUD. We care deeply about HUD and its mission. We believe that respect in the workplace results in productive and creative employees. We hope you do, too. Download our Welcome To HUD powerpoint presentation and contact your Local President (listed on our About Us page) if you have any questions! To join, fill out an SF-1187 and hand it to your Local President!

The Department of Labor June 2, 2006 Final Rule requires labor organizations subject to the Civil Service Reform Act of 1978, the Foreign Service Act of 1980 and the Congressional Accountability Act of 1995 to periodically inform their members of their rights as union members. The Final Rule will help ensure that federal union members are given basic understanding of: 1) rights as union members; 2) responsibilities of union officers.

Civil Service Reform Act of 1978 (CSRA) - The standards of conduct provisions in this Act, among other statutes, guarantee certain rights to members of unions representing Federal employees and impose certain responsibilities on officers of these unions.
read about the CSRA > | DOL 06/02/06 Federal Register Final Rule | DOL Fact Sheet | Council 222 Constitution/ByLaws | Foreign Service Act of 1980 | Congressional Accountability Act of 1995